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How to clean and maintain my Philips Espresso Machine

Updated on 2022-04-08
Cleaning and maintain your Philips Espresso Machine is important for its optimal performance and coffee taste.

In this article, you can find general instructional videos giving you an overview on how to clean your Philips Espresso Machine and its parts. 
You could also find detailed step by step instructions on how to clean your espresso machine in the user manual. 

Note: It is important to always make sure of cleaning the milk circuit system in your coffee machine. This will help preventing milk from drying up in it, which is difficult to remove.

For specific cleaning instructions for your espresso machine please visit our Coffee Care support page.

Cleaning the brew group

The brew group needs a weekly and monthly maintenance. Our instructional video below explains how to do this.
  • Weekly cleaning: Rinse the machine's brew group using lukewarm water  
  • Monthly cleaning: Use the Coffee oil remover tablets CA6704 to remove oil from the filter on the brew group
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Lubricating the brew group

It is important to lubricate the brew group frequently, so that the mechanical parts in your espresso machine continue to move easily.
Lubricate the brew group every 2 months.
  1. Apply a thin layer of grease on the piston of the brew group
  2. Apply a thin layer of grease around the shaft located on the bottom of the brew group
  3. Apply a thin layer of grease to the rails on both sides.
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Cleaning the drip tray, coffee grounds container and water tank

Below you will find information on how often you should clean the drip tray, coffee grounds container and water tank:
  • Drip tray: Empty it daily or as soon as the red indicator pops up through the tray
  • Coffee grounds container: Clean it weekly and empty the coffee grounds container when prompted by the machine
  • Water tank: Clean and rinse it weekly under tap water
Philips espresso machines parts

Cleaning LatteGo

Rinse the LatteGo under tap water or clean the two parts in the dishwasher after each use.
Watch the instructional video below. 
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Cleaning the classic milk frother

Find below the instructions on how to clean the classic milk frother.

  • Daily clean: Remove the external part of the classic milk frother and rinse it with water. Make sure you also clean the tiny hole. If it looks clogged enter a needles in it to unclog it. 
  • Monthly clean: Use Philips milk circuit cleaner (CA6705) to prevent the milk circuit from clogging.
For the classic milk frother with a knob, also make sure to remove the knob when cleaning under the tap and dry the parts before assembly.
Cleaning Philips Milk Frother
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Cleaning the milk carafe

Here you can find instructions on how to clean the milk carafe of your Philips Espresso Machine (or you can also watch the video below).
• After each use: Most Philips Espresso Machines show a cleaning icon for a while on the display after brewing. For this cleaning, please place an empty cup under the milk spout and follow the instructions on the display.
Daily: Rinse the tube and the top part of the milk carafe with lukewarm water.
Weekly: Disassemble the milk carafe and clean all parts in lukewarm water.
Monthly: Use Philips milk circuit cleaner (CA6705) to prevent the milk circuit from clogging.
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The information on this page applies to the following models: EP3246/70 , EP2220/10 , HD8651/01 , SM7685/00 , EP3551/10 , HD8847/01 , FC9057/01 , FC8021/00 , HD7500/88 , HR1566/00 , HR7740/81 , HD2580/22 , HD2541/10 , HD2623/89 , HD6115/10 , HR2737/00 , HD2521/10 , HR1456/73 , GC4233/02 , HR8358/02 , HR6836/02 , HR7753/01 , HR1751/81 , HR7727/60 , HI153/22 , HD2524/82 , HR1757/80 , HR1757/16 , GC146/07 , HD2520/80 , HR1724/06 , HR2744/60 , HD4653/01 , HD4659/01 , HD4674/65 , HD2420/60 , GC4320/07 , HD2603/70 , HD4627/06 , GC4038/02 , HD4673/60 , HR2394/01 , HR1700/00 , HD4675/00 , HI205/21 , HD4651/00 , HD7630/02 , HR6839/01 , HD6153/60 , HD4675/80 , HR7600/10 , GC4018/02 , HD4653/03 , HD4458/60 , FC9103/01 , FC9102/01 , HD4628/10 , HD4659/03 , HD4626/10 , HD7444/10 , HD2420/16 , HR1351/80 , HR6944/01 , HD4399/06 , GC3005/02 , HR1754/60 , HR1757/81 , GC4040/02 , FC8384/01 , HD6123/10 , HR2828/60 , HD6130/60 , GC3126/02 , HR2390/80 , HD4602/72 , HR8566/11 , HR7740/56 , FC9017/09 , HR7605/11 , HD7444/11 , GC2105/07 , HR1841/60 , GC2110/07 , HR8514/01 , HR1562/00 , HR1751/80 , HR1751/60 , HR1707/02 , GC2020/02 , HD4464/00 , HR1490/00 , HR2746/60 , HR7639/60 , GC1115/07 , HD4672/65 , HD7524/60 , GC2225/03 , GC4243/02 , GC2225/07 , HR1565/63 , GC4030/02 , FC9019/09 , HR8572/18 , FC6842/01 , HD6111/10 , GC3125/02 , GC4223/02 , HR2389/70 , HR1351/60 , FC9102/20 , GC2105/02 , FC6841/01 , GC2110/02 , GC3030/02 , FC8380/01 , HR7723/00 , HD4672/26 , FC8334/01 , FC9018/01 , GC2005/02 , GC3025/02 , HR4322/00 , HD4674/60 , HR7724/16 , GC2105/12 , HR1780/64 , HD4674/80 , FC9102/40 , HR2752/00 , GC3020/02 , HR1350/60 , HR7633/60 , FC9056/01 , HD4672/00 , HD4638/10 , HR1561/63 , HR1571/01 , HD4674/00 , HD6180/01 , HR7756/01 , FC8716/04 , HD6107/72 , HI515/02 , HX2740/02 , HX1526/02 , HX7881/02 , HI216/02 , GC4440/27 , FC9154/01 , GC3120/02 , HI558/02 , HD2400/82 , FC9016/01 , FC9050/01 , HD7528/20 , HD6180/02 , HR1565/80 , HD7620/02 , GC2120/02 , FC9126/20 , GC2010/02 , HD4672/60 , HR1456/00 , HR1720/06 , HR1721/06 , HR1727/06 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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