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How do I use the attachments with my Philips Hair Dryer?

Depending on your Philips Hair Dryer model, it may come with a few attachments. Find out here how to use these attachments.

Always check your user manual to verify which attachments come with your specific hair dryer model and how to use them properly. 

Volume diffuser

The volume diffuser has been developed to dry your hair quickly and evenly, to minimize frizz and to add volume to your hair. Follow these steps for the best results:
  1.  Attach the diffuser to the front of your hair dryer.
  2. To enhance volume for curls and to get a bouncy hairstyle, hold the hairdryer vertically at the ends of your hair. Move the hair dryer up in a circular motion.
  3. To add volume at the roots of your hair, hold the hair dryer close to your scalp. Make sure the pins of your diffuser touch your scalp. Now move the hairdryer in a circular motion.
Using the volume diffuser with your Philips Hair Dryer

Styling nozzle

The styling or concentrator nozzle is used to create smooth, sleek hair styles. To use this attachment follow these simple steps.
  1.  Put the styling nozzle on the front of your hair dryer.
  2. Point the nozzle directly on the brush you are using to dry your hair. The direct airflow helps in creating the perfect hair style.
Using the styling nozzle with Philips Hair Dryer

The information on this page applies to the following models: BHD302/13 , BHD340/13 , BHD360/23 .

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