LiteTouch Holding chamber mask

LiteTouch VHC mask

Holding chamber mask

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LiteTouch is designed to provide greater wearing comfort and easier delivery of aerosol medication. It quickly and comfortably conforms to facial contours, providing a soft, secure fit for increased compliance and treatment effectiveness.

Soft-seal technology

Soft-seal technology for the most comfortable seal

LiteTouch is designed to contour to the face. This helps patients create a more secure fit and reduce leakage with minimal applied force, improving long-term compliance. The LiteTouch mask is not manufactured with BPA as declared by our suppliers.
Face mask

Less technique dependent

LiteTouch has a flexible seal, which makes treatment more comfortable and less technique dependent. Unlike a mouthpiece, a face mask doesn't require patients to be able to form a seal with their lips.
Clear structure

Clear structure for ease of application

The unique design molds a clear, hard shell to an exclusive soft-seal interface. This makes it easier for caregivers to help apply the mask to a child's face, and offers unrestricted view of the patient's face during therapy.
Available in three sizes

Available in sizes small, medium and large to suit all patients.

Available in three sizes small, medium and large to suit all patients. Mask size labels with color to help easily identify the size.
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