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My Philips Lumea gives off a burning smell during treatment

Published on 18 July 2023

If your Philips Lumea is producing a strange smell during usage, please read below the possible causes for this issue and how to easily fix them yourself.

Before using Philips Lumea, it is important to have a hair-free skin. If there is still hair on the area that you are treating, they may get burnt. This can feel uncomfortable and give off a burning smell or even some smoke.

You can remove your hair by shaving, epilating or waxing. If you choose to wax we advise waiting atleast 24 hours before using Lumea.

Removing hair from your skin before using Philips Lumea

Before treating your skin with Philips Lumea it should be properly cleaned and dried. Any residues on your skin can be burnt by the Lumea's flash and produce a burning smell.

The glass on your Philips Lumea needs regular cleaning. A dirty glass can produce an unpleasant or burning smell.

Keeping your Lumea clean is also very important to ensure an effective treatment. So make sure that you clean your Lumea after each use. For proper cleaning instructions refer to the user manual.

If the advice in this article does not help, please contact us for further support.

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