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My Philips Cordless Vacuum Cleaner produces an unusual sound

Published on 24 March 2024
If your Philips Cordless Vacuum Cleaner produces an unusual sound, read our article below for possible causes and solutions.
Please check if there is an object stuck in the nozzle, tube, or hose of your Philips Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. The airflow in your vacuum cleaner can be partly blocked by an object stuck in one of those parts of your appliance. If this is the case, take the object out before you continue vacuuming.
When you use an accessory different from the usual one, you might notice that your Philips Cordless Vacuum Cleaner produces a different noise.
Check if the vacuum cleaner sounds normal again when you stop using the accessory you were using.
If the filter of your Philips Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is clogged, it might produce an unusual sound. To solve this issue, clean the filter of your vacuum cleaner.
Another reason for your vacuum cleaner to produce an unusual sound might be that the filters are displaced. In this case, place the filters in their usual place in your vacuum cleaner.

Please refer to the user manual or article “How to clean my Philips x000 Series Cordless Vacuum Cleaner” for specific instructions on installing and cleaning the filter. You can find it in the support section of your vacuum cleaner's online product page.
If the dust container of your Philips Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is full, this may cause the appliance to produce an unusual sound. Empty and clean the dust container to solve this. For specific instructions on how to clean the dust container, please refer to the user manual which can be found in the support section on the online product page of your vacuum cleaner.
The information below applies only to 7000 and 8000 Series Cordless (Aqua).

Your Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 8000 or 7000 Series is equipped with Floor Type Recognition. Your appliance automatically detects the floor type and optimizes cleaning for the best performance. This function may cause the sound of the Vacuum Cleaner to change during use. No action is needed, but if you prefer to clean with a consistent power of your choice, turn off this smart feature in the menu of your appliance.

See the video below (0:34-1:02) for the steps to toggle the feature on or off.
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If the above situations do not apply to your case, then it could be that the motor of your Philips Vacuum Cleaner is damaged. In this case, please contact us for further assistance at www.philips.com/support .
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