Health informatics

Health data aggregation across the enterprise

Health informatics

Health data aggregation across the enterprise

Healthcare IT professionals:

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The challenge


The sheer amount of health data generated by individual patients is already becoming overwhelming for many healthcare organizations. With the potential of wearable technologies and the growing trend of consumers tracking their own health information, the explosion of big data in healthcare isn’t soon to slow down.


In many instances, clinical data remains trapped in silos, presenting a fragmented view of a patient’s record, and making care delivery less efficient and more variable. At its worst, siloed data can ultimately impact the quality of the patient care your health system strives to provide.


Finding effective ways to aggregate, analyze and prioritize patient data for improved care delivery falls on today’s healthcare IT leaders.

The opportunity


Aggregated healthcare data that is free to move across locations can be used more meaningfully, allowing care providers to unlock actionable clinical insights, for example when longitudinal patient records or comprehensive views of clinical data are made possible.


Applying technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics to health data expands its potential to transform clinical decision-making, standardize care delivery and eliminate variation.


We work in partnership with you to help make your data more meaningful, and enable the right interventions at the right time and in the right place.

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Our expanding capabilities: Analytical Informatics


Advanced workflow tools and applications to deliver operational intelligence and decision support to radiology suites, now available through Philips PerformanceBridge

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Innovations in health data aggregation


Setting yourself up for success in value-based care


Take control of your disparate data by aggregating and normalizing it in one longitudinal patient record. This allows your clinical team to see and analyze each patient's continuous story. Using quality, clinical and financial metrics, Philips Wellcentive provides the tools needed to coordinate the most efficient care delivery and prioritize the patients at the highest risk.

Identify sooner, respond faster

IntelliVue Guardian Solution, with early warning scoring, is a customizable patient monitoring system combining software, clinical decision support algorithms and mobile connectivity to help you identify patient deterioration, effective intervention.

IntelliSpace Genomics - the health data aggregation solution

Get a more complete patient picture

IntelliSpace Genomics integrates clinical and molecular data, and enables discrete data capture, variant analysis/storage, annotations, clinical interpretation and recommended treatments supporting adherence and variant-based patient outcomes tracking and predictive modeling.  

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Driving continuous improvement in imaging

PerformanceBridge Practice offers customizable dashboards and solution services to help unify deep levels of data and enhance operational and clinical decision making that can improve imaging department performance.

Addressing information overload in critical care

IntelliSpace Console features a critical care clinical decision support dashboard that aggregates and analyzes data from medical devices, hospital information system and the EMR and presents an organ-based summary of actionable information when and where it’s needed.

Five Challenges

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Health IT and organizational strategic planning

Peer perspectives


EVERGREEN thumbnail

EvergreenHealth Partners discusses their transition to value-based care using enterprise-wide tools


With Philips Wellcentive, EvergreenHealth Partners was able to aggregate data from disparate EHR systems and create a plan for care coordination and communication with payers.

Saratoga thumbnail

Quality improvement in nursing at Saratoga Hospital | A Philips customer story


To see quality improvement in nursing care at Saratoga Hospital, clinicians use Philips IntelliVue Guardian everyday.

Addressing radiation dose management at Maastricht UMC+


See how DoseWise Portal allows better understanding of procedural and occupational doses.

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