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DoseWise Portal

Radiation Exposure Management Software

    The first step in building an effective radiation dose management strategy is collecting complete and accurate data so you can analyze and measure your current performance.


    The DoseWise Portal functionality is at the core of Philips’ comprehensive dose management program. The web-based software solution automatically collects, measures, analyzes and reports radiation exposure data on an individual and group basis and allows for real-time staff exposure measurements using DoseAware. It provides a streamlined, efficient way to review data on radiation exposure to both patients and staff.

    By collecting and analyzing the right data you can:

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    Learn about the features of the Dosewise Portal
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    Gain actionable insights  
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    Benchmark your facility
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    Set dose management goals
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    Identify variations in practices, such as among technologists and scanners
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    Standardize protocols using exposure data
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    Facilitate compliance with local dose management standards and regulations

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    Key capabilities



    The DoseWise Portal provides advanced analytic tools, such as customizable dashboards and drill-downs for multi-vendor/multi-modality imaging systems. Chart Builder analytics creates bar charts, scatter plots, box plots and tables by simply dragging and dropping the DICOM field into a graph.

    Chart Builder
    Chart Builder
    Chart Builder
    Chart Builder



    The DoseWise Portal captures all patient radiation events, not just those sent to PACS, and retrieves data directly from the imaging equipment. This prevents you from missing data that is discarded by a Technologist due to poor image quality. The radiation from these exams are factored toward a patient’s exposure history.


    DoseWise Portal can map your CT exam naming convention to the RadLex® Playbook to standardize your exam names for external benchmarking.


    Services that consistently prove their value


    Current needs

    Access to data useful for monitoring, tracking and controlling radiation exposure 


    Proactive needs

    Identify the types of interventions that optimize radiation protection


    Predictive needs

    Ensuring that procedures are justifed for the patient and radiation exposure is managed



    The DoseWise Portal can create custom alerts based on your preference. Regardless of exam type, you can select your protocol or exam name and add alert triggers, such as:

    • Patient's age
    • DLP
    • CTDIvol
    • Compressed Breast Thickness
    • DAP
    • ESD
    • mAs
    • AGD/exam
    • AGD/exposure
    • Staff dose level



    In addition to offering a platform to create custom reports using Chart Builder, DoseWise Portal contains several standard reports:

    • CT exams sorted by CTDIvol
    • CT exams sorted by DLP
    • CT volume by exam name
    • CT volume by Reference Exam Name
    • High utilization patients sorted by number of exams
    • High utilization patients sorted by total effective dose
    • Evaluate staff dose by procedure and lab



    Meeting the new radiation dose requirements for benchmarking requires standardizing your exam nomenclature and comparing your data against national registries or diagnostic reference levels.


    The DoseWise Portal takes your CT exam names from your RIS and automatically maps them to the RadLex Playbook naming convention.  This allows you to compare your exam data to industry benchmarks, such as the American College of Radiology’s Dose Index Registry™.


    Compatibility with IntelliSpace PACS2


    The DoseWise Portal is compatible with the Philips PACS system. Clicking on a clinical image or the patient’s name in the worklist launches the DoseWise Portal corresponding dosimetry page. Clicking on a particular CT image and selecting “dose history” allows you to see the exposure data for that exam.




    Customer tips

    Keys to Dose Management Success: The Importance of Ongoing Staff Education and Training


    Customer story

    A look into WellStar’s dose management program and its 20,000 care team members


    Journal article

    Clinical investigation: Real-Time Patient and Staff Radiation Dose Monitoring in IR Practice


    White paper

    The role of dose tracking systems in radiation safety programs




    • Connect X-ray imaging equipment (regardless of vendor or equipment type) for monitoring radiation dose data
    • A simple, compact and secure IT footprint behind your firewall
    • Scalable; start with one modality (such as CT) and add more later
    • Compatible with ACR Dose Index Registry
    • Compatible with Nuance PowerScribe 360 dictation system
    • Compatible with Philips IntelliBridge Enterprise HL7 engine
    • Integrated with Philips IntelliSpace PACS
    • Integrated with Philips DoseAware systems



    • Users can quickly access data most relevant to their function
    • Detect previously-unseen trends in imaging equipment performance
    • Set custom patient dose alert levels and receive scheduled notifications
    • Custom graphs and dashboards facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements or quality projects



    • Monitor staff exposure in the interventional suite in real-time
    • Standardize CT exam names
    • Set custom patient dose alert levels and receive scheduled notifications
    • Custom graphs and dashboards facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements or quality improvement projects
    • Compare exams to custom diagnostic reference levels
    • Reduce disparity in how exams are ordered 
    Initially, I thought monitoring and reviewing radiation doses would be just that - monitoring and reviewing. I never expected DoseWise to become one of the most important contributors to developing a more successful ongoing educational program."

    - Kelly Golkin, Medical Imaging CT Clinical Specialist, WellStar Health System

    Education and training


    DoseWise currently has several offerings in the Learning Center for customer access and also has several tutorial videos online to help customers use DoseWise Portal most effectively.


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    1. The ACR® DIR™ is an independent program. Participation and access to DIR data is not provided with DoseWise Portal.  Healthcare facilities must register with ACR directly.


    2. IntelliSpace PACS V4.4.551 and DoseWise Portal V2.2 and higher versions

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